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This also increases the chance of finding a suitable partner. “

You shouldn’t wait too long with a meeting, says Überall. Once you have found someone you find interesting, the contact should soon be brought from the virtual to the real world. The psychologist also has a few tips for the first date: “The first meeting should be relatively short, an appointment for a coffee or a walk together. You can get to know each other, see each other, but it also gives you the opportunity to say goodbye politely if you notice it doesn’t work. ”And if things go well, the second date can be a little longer. (ly / chm)

“Every eleven minutes,” the advertising says, a single falls in love online. In addition to the large single portals, there are also special offers for Christians on the Internet.

According to the test and comparison portal “zu-zweit.de”, it is the largest Christian single exchange in Germany. There are currently around 60,000 registered members (the figures are from last summer). 2,000 are actively looking online every week, looking at profiles and making contact. “Christ-sucht-Christ” attaches particular importance to seriousness. Every interested party must first answer questions for the profile: How often he or she goes to church, what Jesus means to a person, about volunteering in the community. Then every profile is checked again by hand, they say. A special feature is the difference that the portal makes between the sexes: women can use the complete offer for ten euros a year. Men pay an annual fee of 49 euros.

The largest completely free portal among the three major Christian online portals with a partner exchange. The testers from “Zu-zweit.de” rate “Heavenly Chatting” as an offer for believing Christians with modern views. “Topics such as homosexuality and sex before marriage are discussed in a more modern and open way than in other Christian forums; extreme views are hardly noticeable ”, it says in their evaluation conclusion. Even with “Heavenly Chat”, the registration runs through a process that is supposed to ensure that only seriously interested parties can participate. “Heavenly Chatting” is financed by advertisements. Only those who want to turn off these ads have to pay money for them. The offer currently has almost 60,000 members.

With around 15,500 members, it is smaller than the other portals, but essentially the whole thing works in a similar way. With the help of mandatory questions, the portal first decides whether an interested party will be admitted as a member. Behind it is like that

others claim that only Christians are listed in the card index. The slightly restricted basic membership is free. The cost of the premium account at “cxSingle.com” is 2.50 euros per month for members over 25 years of age. For younger people, however, membership is free. (mr)

During the corona lockdown, singles were on their own. Those who lived alone had little contact with other people. Online dating platforms were in high demand.

Lifelong partnerships have become less common, but they can succeed. The Church primarily helps couples with an offer.

“Everyone is worth something. You decide how much. ”- The reality format“ Big Brother ”uses this sentence to advertise the new season. This raised many questions for Katharina Sichla.

Ludwig and Charlotte Piller have been married for over 80 years. In the interview, the parents of two and six grandparents and great-grandparents now talk about their almost eternal marriage, the prophecy of a …

Couples who want to be blessed or want to ask for a successful relationship are invited to many special services in the archdiocese around Valentine’s Day.

An inconspicuous paper cube or an enchanting rose? On the memorial day of St. Valentine, give away a flower that is guaranteed not to fade.

Wedding fairs attract thousands of visitors, and there are long waiting times in coveted registry offices and churches. And with the organization of wedding celebrations billions are made. Getting married …

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