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In the course of digitization, many areas of our lives have changed. One of them is definitely dating. Dating today is not like dating a few decades ago. The goal may be largely the same, but the ways to achieve it have changed over time. In this regard, online dating is particularly important.

Online dating has now become a tried and tested method of choosing a partner. Both heterosexual and homosexual singles have ample opportunities, as the increasing number of same-sex marriages shows. But as great as the potential of online dating may be, finding a partner on the Internet is not entirely without risks. So let’s take a look at what those looking for a partner online should be aware of.

There are now many providers for online dating. It is therefore not that easy to keep track of things. One of the many possibilities would be the popular Tinder app, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous dating sites for singles in Germany. Including both free and paid offers. The latter are usually common when seekers want to make full use of the respective dating agency. But as is the case with other things in life, not all offers are serious. Among all of the single exchanges, there are also a few that you should be careful about.

For example, some platforms don’t care enough about data protection. This means that there is a risk that your own data will fall into the wrong hands. Another problem are hidden subscriptions and additional costs as well as fake profiles. It is therefore important that you only use reputable single exchanges on the Internet. Failure to do so could result in financial damage or other problems. Not to mention that with dubious providers there is often no realistic possibility of finding a suitable partner. This can have a negative effect on your own motivation.

Dubious dating providers are self-explanatory annoying. The greatest risk, however, is potential partners. Unfortunately, there are also some cyber criminals on the different single exchanges. They pretend to be interested in flirting, but are pursuing a criminal goal. A good example of such a scenario is the case of a man who dated a woman online and ended up having a rendezvous with three robbers. Despite a knife attack, the incident went off lightly at the time, but it shows that online dating is not entirely without risks.

However, this is no reason to forego this form of dating. For one thing, comparable incidents are relatively rare. On the other hand, it is possible to protect yourself from cyber criminals. Sometimes a healthy amount of skepticism is enough to avoid falling victim to criminals. A basic rule is to ask the potential partner for a video conversation before the first date. In many cases, this can be used to find out if the person concerned is a scam. But there is never one hundred percent security. Therefore, it is best to stick with providers who value the security of their users in advance.

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