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There is sympathy or not. But you should really only write down the profiles where there is already a positive impression and not just write everything according to the watering can principle and then meet … so I know. that a meeting is unnecessary with some profile information, because you should roughly know beforehand (from life experience) which type of woman suits you better and which type most likely not at all.

Of course, the annoying side effects occurred from time to time … File failures, scammers, fakes: women who are already taken and only use it for self-affirmation, or just want to bridge their boredom, or even have financial interests. But I think that with time you will expose them pretty quickly because they usually don’t write a lot of personal text in a profile. Like you, however, I would never go for an expensive payment site. I’ve heard some negative things about it and you just have to think about it: How do they make the best profit? By keeping paying customers with you as long as possible. After all, you are not a charity, but a for-profit company. In addition, payment is not made only after a successful event (which you could discuss anyway) That means it is completely opaque how much you actually want to convey to the paying customers and dropouts from this industry have already said that ghostwriters (professional term: IKM clerks) are employed who pretend to be a potential partner but really only want to keep the customer on the line for a long time (certainly with well-trained excuses when it comes to a meeting) That’s why I will keep my hands off that .

until 30 minutes ago I actually wanted to give up and accept my role as a strange uncle for the rest of my life. Although I “rethink” a lot of things, it never occurred to me that this process not only could take a long time, but that it should be allowed. Your post made me rethink and gave me a boost in motivation, thank you very much.

If I got it right, you have accepted almost all of the negative aspects of dating and developed yourself to survive in this system. I find it quite logical and sensible, but it’s still somehow depressing. As a man, to have the right that a woman also shows an active interest is completely absurd. Women in particular, who often attach great importance to romance and “being desired”, should almost catch the eye with this double standard.

I’m glad that you want to attack again.

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