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One click here, a message there and already in love? No, it’s definitely not that simple. The phenomenon of love cannot be conjured up so easily even virtually – hidden behind the computer. But at least online dating platforms and apps with their countless technical innovations make it easier for us to look for the new man by our side.

The boom that many online dating sites are experiencing right now certainly has its advantages. And the most important one is the large virtual collection of people who all have something important in common: being single. But most platforms try to optimize the search for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right through special questions and personality tests. It would work differently in the bar: in all likelihood you would not get to know anyone right away. And especially not someone who, like you, is a vegetarian, likes to go to the movies, listens to One Republic AND is single. The chance of a basket is far too great. So it happens that mostly every frustrated single comes across one of these online portals at some point. But what actually makes “real-life” flirting so difficult?

Far too often we come home from work exhausted and exhausted, jump into the car or the subway and hardly notice our surroundings. Even if an appealing man gets on the train directly across from us or stands next to us at the red light: our flirt mode is zero. Often thoughts like “He’s definitely not single anyway” kill any flirting attack. In addition, we are too often unsettled by rejections and no longer dare to go on the flirting offensive without fear of a basket. Another flirt-killer lies in our nature: the comfortable habit subconsciously throws us a line more often than we think. As creatures of habit, we go to the same local pub every Friday – preferably with the same friends. So it is clear that the chance to get to know potential new partners disappears.

With these negative live flirting experiences, the Internet is appealing. Not least because of his anonymity and the promising offer to find the perfect man for life. The possible dating partners are available to us at any time, anytime and anywhere on the Internet. So we’re not even tied to going out on Friday nights. Are not subject to any obligation to get to know each other. Rather, we can now flirt 24 hours a day – regardless of the state of mind. Even a rebuff or a lack of an answer doesn’t seem as hurtful behind the monitor as when flirting face-to-face.

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