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On the other hand, a match will pass if both singles do not start a conversation within the first 24 hours.

Bumble is especially popular abroad and accordingly there are many international contacts on the portal. In terms of design, the application convinces with an almost flawless appearance. Of course, there are also paid subscriptions here. As with Tinder, they are hardly necessary.

A look outside the box: the established partner exchanges such as Parship, ElitePartner and LoveScout 24 also offer date apps for smartphones. However, they show very quickly that there is no getting around paid membership.

At Parship and to some extent also at ElitePartner, the online dating agency is very scientific. Users first have to work through a whole catalog of questions before they can take their first steps on the portal. The flirt app then uses scientific methods to find the right partner for a user. This is also possible without any problems in the free basic version.

However, it quickly becomes apparent why membership without a subscription is not worthwhile. With Parship, for example, it is not possible to look at the other person’s picture. Only those who pay an amount per month receive full access to the portal and thus also to the images. Positive: Those who dare can still write messages with the registered members.

The former FriendScout24 is now called LoveScout24 and looks a little like it was from the early 2000s. The stale design on the smartphone is also its biggest problem. While modern dating apps with large pictures and little information only want to establish superficial but quick contact, LoveScout 24 goes in the completely different direction. The profiles show only a few external features, but offer plenty of space for text or personal information. That seems a bit out of date in today’s world.

The members of LoveScout24 are on average 30+ years old, but the portal sometimes seems a bit lonely. The problem with the free version is also: If you don’t subscribe, you can’t write messages. So if you want to get in touch you have to pay. It is not recommended.

Not all flirting apps are worth a look. On the contrary, many should not be downloaded in the first place. You can find out which applications have completely disappointed here.

Actually, Once has the potential to be an insider tip. The idea behind the dating site definitely sounds interesting. Users only get one match per day. In other words, only one person will be introduced to you per 24 hours. With this, the platform would like to establish the concept of deceleration in the area of ​​dating apps. What sounds like a good idea is undermined by your own greed.

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