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Of course, with such a tough marathon swipe, the number of daily likes in the free version is used up faster than grandma’s cookies at Christmas.

In another article I already explained to you that you should distribute likes sparingly, especially so as not to crash your Elo score with the Tinder algorithm.

So take your time, study the profiles of the girls and only like the ones you really like.

If you are picky about swiping, in my experience the limited likes in the free app version are completely sufficient. Tinder Gold / Plus is not worth it for that.

Because as soon as you have created an attractive profile, you will also get enough matches in the free version and can write to more cute users than you even have time.

Being able to give more likes with Premium also means having more chances of getting matches. No matter how picky you are when looking for a partner.

If you activate the Tinder Boost, you will be shown more intensely to women around you for 30 minutes.

So I can only say: Yes, Tinder Gold or Plus is definitely worth it for this turbo hack. You should use the Boost if you have it in the package once a month for free!

You can also buy the Boost individually, i.e. without a subscription. So if you ONLY need the boost function, Gold or Plus is not worth it!

Would you like to inspire women from the first message and get them on a real date with ease?

Then you just have to follow this ONE instruction! All successful men in Flirt & Dating use this method.

But the worst part is: 99% of all men will never know this secret. That’s why they sit in front of their empty inbox and stay single forever!

Who doesn’t know this situation: You swipe like a berserk at record speed and suddenly it happens.

… and Lena with the sweet smile and the sharp curves has disappeared into the virtual immersion, never to be seen again!

In this mess, Tinder Plus or Gold is worthwhile, because the happy owner of the premium subscription can now reverse his decision.

First, there are always enough attractive women to be found in the dating app. I also explained to you above that you don’t need to swipe hectically, but that you should take your time.

Sure, you will draw even more attention to yourself. But this is exactly where the problem lies: Right from the start, you’re showing far too much interest in finding a partner on Tinder.

“Oh man, this guy needs to beg my attention with a superlike. He doesn’t trust that I find his profile so attractive that I would like him back with a normal like. W.

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