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A lot is written about being alone on your blog, and it’s not just about partnership wishes. So it is helpful to hear from you that steps have to be taken, sometimes just to make a difference in your own thinking. That comes across well for me. Great support (even if it does not affect me directly at the moment) THANK YOU

Hello Patrick, the world of online dating platforms is a hotly contested field, and agencies often find traits such as introversion or others to be too niche behind it and do not want to scare off the majority of potential customers (I call it that).

this is not supposed to be surreptitious advertising, I think that goes very well with your post when I mention my page http: //www.Skilldate, an online dating platform especially for people with blockages, depression, anxiety or “healthy” people without reservations. the site is of course free and more of a heart project. Among other things, you can set how important physical closeness is to you, there are also different expressions of “feeling good about it”.

a really interesting and readable article about online dating. 🙂 I did that for a while, but to be honest I was one of those women who never answered. 😉 You described the dilemma of women quite well. With so many requests, you have to find selection mechanisms. I decided without further ado to select according to the zodiac sign. 😀 I regularly read my horoscope on schicksal.com and in my life I have come across 3 zodiac signs with which it worked particularly well … so I thought to myself, I would just sort out according to them. Today I am happily forgiven. 🙂 However, I didn’t get to know him via an online platform. Life brought me this great Capricorn. 🙂

as a woman, you actually have no problem getting written to. I have had many (and never really bad) experiences that I would certainly not have had the regular way. I don’t want to miss it, but it also had a negative impact on me.

For me it went something like this: I started the online dating with a lot of curiosity and verve. But first I gave up my claim to answer everyone. (I still have a real life and can’t just be online. Especially when every answer is supposed to be real and honest. That simply overwhelmed me.) Then I began to look at the men critically according to the motto ‘worthwhile the contact ‘. (With a lot of choice, you can’t be indiscriminate.) And in the end I had the feeling that I was really just hardened.

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