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Adorable! Both the blog text and the comments – although I wonder if some of them are satirical / ironic or otherwise – not serious! But I also admit that I’ve been married for 30 years and would marry HIM again despite the ups and downs in a marriage (with 2 children), while I always kept my eyes and ears open and also got to know so many you could imagine something (but you don’t have to get married all at once … ;-).

I have rarely found a text and the following comments so exciting. Make a book out of it! At the latest when signing, there are new opportunities! I could still serve with my own experiences, but actually it’s all too good to go one better. Here we go! Bottom up! Gin is always good, just not before 12 … πŸ™‚ Sunni

Inspired and inspired, you with charm, mischievous humor, a high level of education and – hah!: – nevertheless technical skills

No – I will not be able to expect a life in Moloch Berlin with a clear conscience to the pure essence of your love charm

and letting you stand me in Dortmund is out of the question for a man of honor.

So – oh pain of my life – the union of our bodies and souls will probably never find perfection.

why the hell don’t you just go to a pub, bar or boudoir with an interesting audience that suits you, choose a good guy there and ask him

if you can just invite him for a gin-fizz – “ Excuse me, colleague, nothing serious, but business-like yourself, who else should I have a quick drink with, my girlfriend over there just wants apple juice? ”

About the guys who say no, write something and about the others too, and because that’s going to be funny, there are even more attractive guys than me here in the blog among the hundreds of guys, one of whom finally goes hand in hand with you towards the rainbow floats …

You have no idea how often I hang out in restaurants, bars and pubs – and also meet people in other contexts. Not to meet men, but to meet people and entertain me – and you have no idea how few men there are who are still available and who want me.

I would be happy to give you mine. But it would be too small for you. He’s even shorter than me and I’m not tall. My great-grandmother already had one who was shorter than she was. And when she saw mine for the first time, she said: β€œHe’s a little smaller than you. But child, it doesn’t matter. Then you spend your life sitting next to each other. Who wants to run around holding hands? There are only sweaty fingers. “

Which is why you should refrain from free men anyway. Because if one of these is given away, it has its reasons.

Don’t get discouraged. I recently heard that only 6% (some ARD documentary on YouTube) of the couples met online. I don’t know how to convert that to gin fizz now, but 6% is tiny.

Oh, Vanessa, whoever skipped Parship saw less, huh? I think I was on two other platforms for a while but the weird birds are obviously well distributed. One evening I was sitting in a bar in the ski jump waiting for my date when two guys chatted up to me. I told them straight away that I was on a blind date and they laughed each other out. Then He came. OMG. Creepy. And the two couldn’t stop laughing. My date looked confused and thought, as a gentleman, he will conquer the round. So he took our order, but turned to the toilet on the way to the bar – that was our call. I haven’t run that fast in a long time. The tall blonde rescuer then invited himself straight to me and thus shamelessly exploited my desperate situation. But it was okay. πŸ™‚

At least there was a tall, blond savior (who could probably speak three sentences straight ahead). That’s already great.

Pooh, I’m glad that when I was sixteen I sat down by the campfire at a boy scout camp in the blissful month of May with this singing guitarist with terrible glasses – very nice but still pretty uncool. And I’m glad that he grew up in the years that followed – and so did I – and the uncool puberty became a fine guy and we – a few years later and after various trials and tribulations – a couple, parents and then a couple again …

If the crisis knocks on the door again, I will no longer be jealous of singles who live independently. Then I’d rather be in love with my husband every eleventh minute. That’s enough. Thanks for the text!

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