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Norwegian researchers took a close look at Tinder. They examined how often matches are matched and how often dates come about. The quotas are likely to discourage some.

Tinder prides itself on bringing millions of people together and making them happy every day. The reality looks a little different, as Norwegian researchers found out in a study. The “Standard” has summarized the results of the study and supplemented it with its own observations.

According to the study, the 269 Tinder users surveyed – 62 percent of them were women – had an average of just over 100 matches during the study period. These matches then resulted in around two dates per person. The success rate was only around 2 percent.

Those users who were able to initiate a date via Tinder would usually have made it without the app. However, 80 percent of those surveyed did not get that far. One reason for this is that the first contact through a match is rare. Only when the other person swipes to the right can you talk and, if necessary, consider meeting.

The majority of users remain unsuccessful on Tinder. Why the app is still so successful is explained by its functionality and psychology, among other things. The app’s swipe mechanism can be addicting. In particular, users with low self-esteem tended to use dating apps compulsively.

In addition, many use Tinder only as a non-binding pastime. According to a study from Germany, 41 percent of Tinder users already have a relationship, writes the Standard. So you are not interested in a serious contact.

In general, it is difficult for men to get matches at all. When the time comes, not even half of them will reply to a message. Women on the other hand are often the target of suggestive messages and are confronted with aggressive behavior – especially when rejected. The phenomenon of ghosting – i.e. when the other person suddenly stops responding at all – affects both sexes equally.

According to “Statista”, Tinder has a turnover of more than 12.5 million US dollars in Switzerland. The app had 5.7 million users per month worldwide in the third quarter of 2019.

If you still haven’t had enough of Tinder after all that, the Standard recommends the blog mytinderightmare.com. There is a hodgepodge of funny to weird chats and Tinder stories.

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