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Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work?

Why online dating doesn’t work for you? Dating has always been a numbers game: the more friends you have on your Facebook or Twitter pages, the better your chances of meeting a certain someone. But the problem with the “dating game” is that it’s a numbers game where the outcome is rarely decided by fate, good looks, or even good conversation skills. You’re out there daydreaming about what you’d like to do and who you’d like to meet – but you have no idea how to actually make that happen. Let’s look at why online dating doesn’t work for everyone.

A full third of men who use online dating apps and websites never go out on a first date. And that’s even after spending 5.2 hours searching profiles and sending out messages each day. That adds up to more than 12 hours, all in the hope of finally scoring a date which lasts. Most users don’t take this long to realize that the system is broken, and they stop trying, or they forget that they even have a chance to meet someone.

Another problem with these apps is the swiping necessary to make sure that matches are found. Users may not swipe right if they aren’t interested, and they may not swipe left if they’re truly interested, both of which decrease the likelihood that the person they want to meet will show up. And this makes it much more difficult to find a match in the long run.

A third problem is the response rate: users on popular dating sites have to wait between responses. This means that their profile could be half filled or more before they get an answer. It also means that the response rate is artificially high. If two users have a very similar profile (but one has a much higher response rate), it’s pointless to post their information to the dating site just because the other user responded faster.

Finally, users on popular dating sites often fill out their profiles completely, leaving absolutely nothing available for potential matches. This means that the responses they do receive are usually generic and have nothing meaningful to do with what they’re looking for. The lack of meaningful information leads to less chance of matches, and the use of these apps becomes pointless.

So, how does this all work? There are two solutions to the problem of low response rates and artificially high response rates from users using popular dating sites. The first solution is to figure out a way to make your online dating profile stand out. By creating a detailed description filled with useful information that relates directly to your hobbies and interests, you can greatly increase your response rate. This information needs to be well-written, professionally polished, and accurately representing your personality and preferences. Otherwise, the people browsing through the dating app will have no reason to visit your profile.

The second solution is to make your online dating profiles more interesting. With a number of dating sites now offering a variety of interactive features like quizzes and games, there’s no excuse for your profile to lack any real interest. The key to making a profile interesting is to ensure that you provide factual information, and that you give people something to talk about!

For example, you could have attractive women profile that contains a link to a blog where you can write short posts relating to dating. You could then link this blog to your Facebook profile and encourage people to comment on the entries you’ve posted. Alternatively, some dating sites have introduced a feature called “guest post” where you can allow someone else to post an attractive women profile on your behalf – this significantly increases the exposure of your dating profile to potential suitors.

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